Investment - Private

Private clients are individuals, charities and small businesses in our community who are self-funding. Infocus offers a discounted rate to these clients as a way to give back and make a positive difference in our community.


Coaching works best when it is set over a specific period of time and there are regular catch ups. A typical coaching series would be an inital 4 sessions over 2 months, and then dependant on what you're wanting to change or work on we may look to build in another 2 - 4 sessions. For this reason we have put together cost effective packages to ensure you get the best results possible for your investment.


Please get in contact  and we can put something together that suits your individual needs.

Decision making / 2nd career/ planning next steps


After an initial session to explore your career history, themes and desired outcomes, we will likely go through an exploratory process of looking at your career values, interests, strengths,skills and purpose.


We may also use a personality or behaviour profiling tool such as MBTI or DISC which are often invaluable for gaining clarity about your preferences or traits which then helps form a sense of development needs and career potential. As our coaching is Results orientated you will always walk away from each session with actions to complete.


We will spend time on such things as investigating career options, career decision making and career planning. This may be looking at next steps such as training requirements, CV building and interview techniques. Alternatively it may include building a longer term career plan and the steps within this to reach your dream role.

Our Transition coaching sessions are tailored to suit each individual and the outcomes you’re seeking from the transition you're facing, be it retirement planning, returning to work, parental leave break or any other personal transition.


After an initial session to explore your transition and desired outcomes, we may go through such things as an exploratory process of looking at any anxiety around the transition, realities of the transition, opportunities, maintaining engagement through the transition, having a focused future, your networks, managing well-being, health, lifestyle, passions and relationships.


As our coaching is Results orientated you will always walk away from each session with actions to complete.


We will develop a plan of your future, through the transition period into this new part of your life.



Parental/ Return to work, Retirement/ Next phase planning


After an initial session to explore your outcomes and goals we will identify the realities shaping your life right now including your personal relationships, work, health, balance and finances along with any useful or unhelpful beliefs standing between you and your goals.


We will set some great big chunky goals for you that really get you excited and buzzing and each session thereafter we will plan and action the steps towards your goals. As our coaching is Results orientated you will always walk away from each session with actions to complete.


Throughout the journey you will be challenged, stretched, guided and supported in partnership to achieve your full potential.


By the end of the series you will be in a completely different and more positive place and much closer to your dreams and goals.



Personal development


Making a positive difference in our Community


We can arrange various payment options to suit your needs. Contact Lisa to find out more.