Our structured coaching process ensures we can work alongside you in partnership to engage, support, develop you or your key talent. We are accreditated in number of valid, reliable and cost effective tools  to help facilitate constructive insight, learning and growth. These include the Human Synergistics 360 LSI and GSI tools, Emotional Culture deck, MBTI and DISC

Executive & Leadership
Career Coaching

Executive Leaders may require coaching around their leadership style to understand how they can get the best from themselves and the people they work with to be their most effective. The pressures at the top to perform can be tough. A Leadership coach provides an independent person to share whats going on in the 'inside' and help stretch and challenge an executives thinking and view of the world.

Becoming a new leader can be daunting to say the least. Often new leaders are great technically, but require the development of 'people skills' to then become great people leaders.  With the title, and the pay packet, comes the responsibility and expectations which new leaders often struggle with, and the reality is that in many business's there isn't the internal resource to support new leaders into their new role.


Infocus will partner with you/ your leaders to develop skills and awareness in areas such as communication, interpersonal, and people management to ensure you are being the most effective leader you can be. We have a number of great leadership tools to chose from to help facilitate learning, insight and growth.

Personal Development Coaching

Often life can lead us to feel like we are little hamsters on a wheel going round and round and getting nowhere, we are constantly busy juggling life and always tired. Many of us have little direction and often have stories such as 'I've been meaning to start building in some time for exercise or ‘me’ time but haven’t had the motivation'.


It may be that you’re actually feeling really stressed, feeling low or even angry and it’s a real challenge to move forward easily, or you're lacking the communication skills or confidence to do and say the things you want.


Whatever the issues, through Personal Development coaching together we will explore areas of your life you have been ignoring or struggling in. With the support of various tools and techniques, you can develop the skills and plans to move forward and get the results you're seeking in all areas of your life.



Whether you’re at a cross-roads in your career and not sure where to go next, you’re seeking a complete job change, or you have no idea what you want to do, I will partner with you to help you plan and move forward. The career coaching sessions are tailored to suit each individual and the outcomes you’re seeking.


By partnering with Infocus to plan your career you will gain clarity around what it is you really want to do, and will walk away with a plan on how you’re going to get there.

Transition Coaching - Parental leave & Return to work

Preparing yourself for the transition to motherhood and working out how on earth you’re going to look after a little baby and manage your career, can be a huge stress for many expectant mothers.  Infocus will partner with you whilst you’re on a parental break and help prepare you back into the workplace.


For those parents who have had a long career break it can often be a scary and daunting place returning to paid employment.  Infocus can help you to rebuild your confidence and ease this transition process.

Transition Coaching - Retirement

With retirement creeping closer or even sitting right on your door step, this is a great opportunity to start planning ahead. What do you want this next phase of your life to look like?


What have you always wanted to do but haven’t made time for? It may possibly be finding a way to stay in the workforce in a flexible role you enjoy, that also allows you time to do those other things in your life.


Discover your new life purpose and set some goals for this next phase of life.