What clients say

 I worked with Lisa over several months, and was really happy with the positive changes I achieved during that period. I found her calm and pragmatic approach very helpful in achieving the goals we set.


One of the key benefits to working with Lisa was the structured approach she took at the outset. It helped me to identify a number of areas that were important to me, some of which I had unconsciously been neglecting. Clarifying the things that really mattered to me, helped me set goals around them, and I made significant progress towards those goals even within the first few months I worked with Lisa.


Senior Business Development Manager (Coachee)

I worked with Lisa on my return to work from parental leave during a period in which I was also navigating a significant increase in my responsibilities at work.

My time with Lisa provided an invaluable opportunity to reflect on my whole, integrated self and to clearly articulate the outcomes I wanted and the plans and strategies to get there.

Lisa is refreshingly balanced and measured in her approach – she gets the corporate world and her advice is grounded and realistic.


 Anna Crosbie, Partner, Russell McVeagh (Coachee)

As part of my professional development I completed the LSI-360 Survey following completion of the survey I was lucky enough to have Lisa as my coach to review the results and formulate a plan with me to improve in the areas the survey results indicated.

Lisa really challenged my thinking and helped me formulate some great plans to help me improve and be a more effective leader.


Overall I really enjoyed the whole process and working with Lisa and would happily recommend her as a coach.

 Greg Simpson, Works Manager Civil North, Fulton Hogan (Coachee)

Lisa coached me over a 3 month period and was fantastic.  She has a great relaxed style and really got me thinking about things in different ways which I appreciated.  She was good at getting me to define what I wanted to focus on and then getting me to identify tangible actions and outcomes to achieve my goals. 


Through the coaching I was able to make some positive changes which has made an impact on both my work and personal life.  She is a great coach and I would highly recommend her.


L&D Manager, (Coachee) 

Lisa has effectively partnered alongside a number of our people to support them with either returning to work, career decision making or developing their leadership style.

Lisa builds strong coaching relationships with the people she coaches, based on trust and open challenging conversations. She looks at solutions that are in line with peoples strengths and values, which fit the needs of the organisation.


Louise Alexander, HR Director, Bell Gully (Client)

I worked with Lisa to navigate the transition between first-time motherhood and returning to work. Her values centered guidance helped me clarify what direction to take with my career while reaffirming my role as a mother. I really appreciated Lisa’s willingness to challenge my thought patterns and accommodate my big picture ideas all the same.


After working with Lisa I came away with a very clear understanding of what I didn’t want and the makings of a blueprint for my next steps career wise. My experience working with Lisa was invaluable.

Irene Wakefield, CEO & Founder Prepair NZ (Coachee)

Lisa’s combination of caring, warm-hearted style and professional approach made working with her as effortless yet stretching.


I would highly recommend that everyone go through a consultation with her, whether looking to make a career or life change or personal or professional development.


Jason Gannon, Sales Professional (Coachee)

Lisa has been an excellent ongoing coaching partner for our business, providing an extra resource to support our managers’ development.


Through her confident approach, Lisa has supported our managers in increasing their own personal awareness, provided practical tools, and set goals to enable them to become more constructive leaders.


We are fortunate to have her as a valuable resource and partner.


Dasha Moore, National T&D Advisor, Fulton Hogan (Client)

Lisa coached me over several months and helped me transition from a state of confusion to clarity regarding what I want to get out of my career.


Lisa’s advice was always practical and on point and has helped me make progress in important areas of my professional and personal life.


I highly recommend working with Lisa!


Solicitor, Large Law firm (Coachee)